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Our technicians are specialists in cleaning all sorts of black, anti-breeze bank notes with latest equipment. we’ve special technicians from the bureau of printing and engraving within the Federal Reserve System with much experience to reassure you of knowledgeable service in the least times. We do a a sample test and confirm you’re satisfied with the resulting quality before continuing. We also concentrate on transferring mercury from real notes to WHITE BILLS, BLACK DOLLAR BILLS, EURO, POUNDS etc. These chemicals are latest developments and money owners can even do the cleaning themselves with none stress.

We help our customers by placing them in direct contact with manufacturers of commercial and pharmaceutical chemicals, which have key specializations within the production of the newest super automatic solution utilized in the cleaning of all kinds of anti-breeze bank notes , black money and stained bank notes with anti-breeze quality. Specifically, we affect NOTES and BILLS LIKE USD, EURO and POUNDS, TRANSFERRING COLORS FROM USED NOTE TO NEW WHITE BILLS, AND BLACK NOTES.

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